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Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

Posted on: October 12, 2009 11:35 am
Edited on: October 12, 2009 11:37 am
Joe Freeman of The Oregonian reports: Andre Miller reiterated comments made last week, saying that he wouldn't have signed with the Blazers if he was told he'd be coming off the bench.

"Yeah, that's accurate," Miller told the Oregonian in response to a controversial interview with Yahoo! Sports.

"That's the mentality that every player should have. If it doesn't go my way, it doesn't go my way. But I'm going to continue to work hard regardless of the situation. So the coach runs the team and whatever decision he makes, I have to live with it. But I'm not going to change my work habits and my work ethic. I'm going to continue to work hard and that should be every player's goal going into the season, setting goals to be on the court as much as they can."

Portland coach Nate McMillan is still deciding who will start at point guard to begin the season -- Miller or incumbent Steve Blake.

Miller added that he feels as though the media has given him a bad rap already.



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Posted on: October 19, 2009 3:26 pm

Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

The dude knocking Andre Miller is clueless. Andre Miller could have went to a lot of places and it sounds like your Blazers blatantly lied to him. You're mad at him because is upset about being lied to? Them telling him he would be the starter is probably one of the biggest reasons he went there. But yes... he shouldn't care that he could be starting somewhere will else. You're hopeless if you're upset with Andre Miller. Most people don't like being suckered into a bum deal when they had other options. But hey, it's Andre Millers fault because he trusted them.

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Posted on: October 16, 2009 10:10 am

Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

The dude was probably asked a question and he answered it honestly. 
People read these comments made by athletes and understand it to be a one sided conversation.   Don't blame him for answering the question.  It's not that he's whining.  Face it...Andre Miller had mutiple offers in bigger markets to be a starting PG.   The reporter wanted to create a story so everyone who reads the article thinks Andre Miller is walking around complainining about his role.  
RELAX....The dude signed a lucrative deal so that he be the starting PG in Portland.  Anyone who has played a competetive sport did it with the intent of "playing".  Any player worth having should believe that they can play well enough to start.  Otherwise it's like a team admiting that they are not good enough to compete (NY Knicks).  If that's the case then drop out of the league...leave ...quit! (but they won't do that because they would loose too much money)   I Who wants to be on the bench??????    As Andre says it's the coaches job to determine the outcome and he's ok with it.

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Posted on: October 15, 2009 12:18 pm

Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

I will not lay off Andre, anyone who comes in with the attittude, "well I would not have come here if things were not going to be handed to me on a platter" can run away if they so desire, but if you would have read the rest of my note, you would have noticed, that for the most part, I agree with you, I think he is the best point guard on the team, I think he will win the job, I just think he should not bring that baby talk into the fore, as he has done, he is supposed to be a vet, not a newbie who crys foul so early and breaks with the team chemistry, shut up, and put up is all I meant, he is a stud. As a fan, I have a right to want a player on this team that will "work his a__ off" and not have to point out to us that he is doing so, because he has been wronged by not being given the starting position, because he is who he is, that is bull, win the job. You are acting like Andre did the blazers a favor by signing, well, I think maybe it could be the other way around as well, it is not like the blazers would be horrid without him (see 54 wins last year) in my humble opinion, he will help a great deal. I'm simply a fan of hard work and earnestness, which I think he has, I just do not like to hear anyone complain about what they should have, just win the damn position by hard work, love to see it, I think all blazer fans want to check him out, no one wants to keep the ferrari in the garage and drive the vokswagen, no one.

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Posted on: October 14, 2009 8:00 pm

Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

Andre Miller has been around long enough to know that coaches often say that in reverse psychology to get the OTHER player(s) to give it their all and push them for time. Miller is too talented and makes his teams better that it is doubtful Steven Blake will get the nod to start. On the flip side, some of these players get so upset by not starting because of the attention during player intros and too them it's a slap in the face. A professional's concern should lie in how he is being played...crunch time, with a lead to protect, with a deficit to make up, or playing junk minutes. Minutes are the true judge of the player, not the light shows and video clips. Miller was noted as being out of shape. Is it a possibility that Coach McMillian may be trying to push him to be ready for opening tip instead of saying "Drop the weight porkchop"? Check out my blog "Everyday NBA" when you can!!!

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Posted on: October 14, 2009 6:57 pm

Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

I like the attitude he is bringing, and I think he is getting a bad rap from the local press. "Andre shutup!" ? Since when is it wrong for a man to speak his mind and tell the truth. WOuld he have come to Portland, had he known he would be coming off the bench? No. Is he whining about it? No. What he said is, "it is what it is, I'm gonna work my ass off to make the decision as easy as possible for Nate, who is my coach, and I'll do what he thinks is best for the team" (obviously I am paraphrasing, but thats the general idea I think he is trying to get across to the fans and the media. If he is willing to "work his ass off" he can only make the Blazers better, and that is what all of us fans want. So lay off Andre, and let him show us why the Blazers went out and got him.

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Posted on: October 14, 2009 12:37 pm

Andre Miller upset with purported Portland role

Dear Andre;
; Shut up and be a pro for a few minutes please. I do not understand why you are complaining about somehting, that HAS NOT EVEN HAPPENED YET!!!!!! You will probably be the starter, just work hard, no one in the NBA (with a couple of exceptions) should come in to a team, knowing they are the starter, you have to earn it, you probably will, but if it makes you mad to have to work hard to be the starter, then you need to go elsewhere, and fast, we just left all that kind of junk behind not all that long ago. I will not pretend I'm a pro athelete, but I'm a fan, and just please go to work, we love steve blake just fine, I think you are a better point guard, I htink you will win the starting spot, but if you keep up this junk, I hope you do not. Give nate some credit, he needs to see you lead the team, not whine and complain that your new toy is not as shiny as advertised.

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