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Posted on: August 10, 2009 11:52 am

Hawks desperately seeking big men

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Hawks are taking a good look at free agent power forward Joe Smith but have yet to get his to agree to a deal. Either way, coach Mike Woodson says the Hawks are in dire need of roster depth. The problem is that the free agents that would have provided the best boost to the Hawks this summer have been flying off the shelves.

"Based on our situation, there just aren't a whole lot of guys to choose from, really," Woodson said. "People are snapping up these bigs left and right. And not to take anything away from any of the guys still out there, of the guys I really had targeted, there's only one of them left. And that's why we're going through the process of now bringing in some bigs and working them out, and then we can see where we go from there."

The story noted that many people feel that Randolph Morris -- already a Hawk -- deserves a chance to come off the bench and prove himself. Aside from that, the Hawks are reported to have shown some interest in Johan Petro , Stromile Swift and Courtney Sims , along with Smith.

Whatever the endgame is, Woodson knows his team needs a boost. The question is where it will come from.

"We're in a bind right now," Woodson said. "When you see it up there on the wall, it really hits home where we're lacking right now."

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Competition for roster spot in Atlanta heats up

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the roster spot Mario West held down last season.

Surely some people will assume that Thomas Gardner is a better shooter and a little bigger than West. But there’s more competition, namely from a rookie from Cal-State Fullerton by the name of Frank Robinson.

According to many observers, he was tremendously impressive during workouts all summer (he was on the summer league team) and will make some noise in camp if given the opportunity.

West is relentless and will wage a nasty campaign to hold on that spot. So expect fireworks for as long as the entire group remains intact.
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Salim Stoudamire signs with San Antonio

The Arizona Daily Star reports that Salim Stoudamire has escaped pro basketball's burial grounds -- the Atlanta Hawks -- and now will play for a winner.

The ex-Wildcat shooting star has signed with the San Antonio Spurs and is expected to replace the three-point shooting threat of Brent Barry and perhaps Robert Horry.
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